Top Uses Of Tarpaulins


Tarpaulins, sometimes called Tarps, are massive/flexible pieces of plastic sheeting that are mostly waterproof (depending on the make and purpose). You get PVC flat Tarpaulins, shaped Tarpaulins and  Polyweave tarpaulins that are all used for different purposes. Some Tarpaulins are made from cotton canvas, nylon and High-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Here are some uses of tarpaulins:


Tarps can be used to shelter any kind of goods. Tarpaulins can effectively be used to cover goods during transport and then they can also be used to house goods inside of a truck body so they are not exposed to the elements. Once they have been used, a tarp can easily be folded up into a very convenient size and put back inside of the transport truck.


If you have any leaks or holes in a building due to damage then a quick covering with a tarpaulin can fix the leak. Insurance takes long to process its claims and a well-placed trap can really make a difference in your comfort. They can be used in painting to cover up furniture and they can also be used to cover any delicate building supplies like untreated wood and the like.

Temporary Shelters

In the case of a sudden need for shelter, a tarpaulin can provide a dry area for a few people or an entire family. You can easily take a tarp and use it to create a roof or wall, depending on how you string them together. It’s a great way to quickly set up something that will give you a lot of protection in a very short period of time. Due to their ease of setup, tarps are also great for camping.


Small and large scale farmers can benefit from using tarpaulins. Tarpaulin greenhouses can be used to boost production during cold weather, and they can also be used to cover raw materials like hay and produce from the elements.


Many sporting arenas are outdoors and are therefore subjected to the weather. If you want to keep your fields pristine then you have to cover them up when the weather gets bad. Field tarps are used to cover sporting grounds. They can be mad to any shape or size so these are perfect for non-uniform sports grounds.


Many industries require covers to be used to contain harmful inhalants or mists. One industry is insect exterminators. Since every house is different in size and shape, you need something that will mold itself to what it’s covering – a tarpaulin will do just that.


As you can see, tarpaulins are very useful and versatile. There are more uses for Tarpaulins that have not been listed here. If you want to get your hands on some great quality tarps, look no further than Protarp Manufacturing. We are top quality tarpaulin manufacturers that supply PVC products to South Africa.

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