Tarpaulin & Truck Accessories

Protarp Manufacturing are tarpaulin manufacturers that supply pvc products such as truck accessories and cargo nets.

Uses for Tarpaulins

  • Transportation – Truck tarpaulins protect loads from adverse weather conditions
  • Agriculture – Tarpaulins are for covering grain and other perishable goods
  • Construction – Various sized tarpaulins are used for covering building materials, open roofs etc
  • Sports – Cricket pitch covers used for covering cricket pitches to protect them from the elements
  • Mining – Used for covering chemicals.  Our PVC tarpaulins are resistant to a wide array of chemicals including some acids

Tautliner / Side Curtains for trucks

We can make custom PVC Tautliner Curtains to fit any truck. Please see specifications below:


  • Extra Heavy Duty 800gsm PVC
  • Steel / Plastic Runners at top
  • Over centre buckles
  • Weather strip / pelmet at top
  • We can install the curtains at an additional cost

PVC Flat Tarpaulins


When it comes to tarpaulins everyone’s loading specifications differ. We are able to custom make tarpaulins to fit your load specifications which means the tarpaulins never end up too big or too small. We are also able to print your company name in bold 30cm block letter printing which means extra advertising for your company while your driver is out on the road.

We supply the following grades:

  • Medium Duty 550gsm PVC Tarp – Ideal for smaller and lighter loads such as furniture and boxes.
  • Heavy Duty 700gsm PVC Tarp – Our most commonly used tarpaulin, ideal for most loads. Strong and durable.
  • Extra Heavy Duty 800gsm PVC Tarp – The strongest grade we stock. Ideal for tautliner curtains or tarpaulins which are subjected to major wear and tear.
  • All our tarpaulins come hemmed with steel eyelets spaced 1m apart and 1m 7mm rope per eyelet

Shaped Tarpaulins

We are able to manufacture Shaped/boxed PVC Tarpaulins covers to fit frames on truck beds and trailers.

Polyweave Tarpaulins

Polyweave 180GSM Tarpaulins, Polyweave Prepacks, Pre-Pack sizes (Ex Stock).

  • 2m x 3m Blue 180gsm Polyweave Pre-Pack Tarp
  • 3m x 4m Blue 180gsm Polyweave Pre-Pack Tarp
  • 4m x 6m Blue 180gsm Polyweave Pre-Pack Tarp
  • 6m x 9m Blue 180gsm Polyweave Pre-Pack Tarp

All Pre-Pack come hemmed with eyelets and rope.

We can also custom make Polyweave Tarpaulins to size in a choice of the following colours:

  • Royal Blue
  • Green
  • Olive Green
  • Silver
  • Silver Black

Cargo Nets

Our Cargo Nets are custom made to suite any requirement.  Our mesh sizes range from as small as 75mm all the way up to 300mm.

Sizes and Specifications:

  • Rope Dia: 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 10mm.
  • Mesh Size: 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 300mm.
  • Colours: Blue, Green, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow (Based on Availability).

Truck Load Chains and Binders

Sizes and Specifications:

  • 6m long x 10mm Chain
  • 10mm Loadbinder
  • 10mm Ratchet Binder.

Truck Loadstraps and Ratchets

We stock good quality 4ton straps and ratchets to help you secure your loads. We can also custom make various sizes for smaller larger loads.

Sizes and Specifications:

  • 9m long x 50mm wide White 3 Ton Strap with J-Hook
  • 9m long x 50mm wide White 4 Ton Strap with J-Hook
  • 50mm Ratchet with Tail

Corner Plates

Corner plates are an absolute must when it comes to securing a load.

Sizes and Specifications:

  • Sizes: 1.2m x 300mm wide (stock item), 2m x 300mm (ordered on request)
  • Colour: Blue, Red


Sizes and Specifications:

  • Rope Dia: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm

If you would like to find out more about Protarp Manufacturings products, such as the truck tarpaulins that are available or cargo nets, please contact us!

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