Fabric Membranes

What Are Fabric Membrane Structures?

General Description

  • Series of Patterned Panel welded together and tensioned to form a taut skin.
  • Fabric Membranes are formed in double curvature for rigidity against wind.
  • Free edges have a scalloped shape with a cable.
  • Edges can also be clamped rigidly to the building structure.

Types of Fabric

  • External structures use PVC / Polyester fabric with UV resistant top coatings.
  • Translucent fabric provides big energy savings on lighting.
  • New generation shade cloth can now be used for economical fabric membrane structures.
  • Internal structures can be made in a wide variety of fabrics and surface finishes.

Supporting Structure

  • Great diversity of forms and materials are possible.
  • Painted or galvanized steel is the most economical material.
  • Timber, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic composites have also been used.


  • Stainless steel fittings manufactured by us in South Africa are durable, elegant and cost effective.
  • UV resistant coatings give a life expectancy of 15-20 years for PVC / Polyester.
  • Shade cloth, with PTFE thread, can now be expected to last more than ten years.

What Does Protarp Manufacturers Do?


  • Full spectrum services from concept design to manufacture and installation. (Or any part of the above).

Scheme Design

  • Preliminary concept development and members shape investigations using 3-D computer modeling and physical models in stretch fabric.
  • Full design development of final structure, detailed drawings and fabric patterns.

Detailed Design

  • Full design development of final structure, detailed drawings and fabric patterns.

Manufacture And Installation

  • Fabrications of members.
  • Manufacture and supply of all structural elements, cable rigging and fittings.
  • Construction of foundations, anchorage, and supporting structure.
  • Installation and tensioning of fabric membranes.

Research And Development

  • Strength testing of various fabrics.
  • Development of new fabric shapes using 3-D computer modeling.
  • On-going innovation in tensile fabric applications.

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