Top Uses Of Tarpaulins


Tarpaulins, sometimes called Tarps, are massive/flexible pieces of plastic sheeting that are mostly waterproof (depending on the make and purpose). You get PVC flat Tarpaulins, shaped Tarpaulins and  Polyweave tarpaulins that are all used for different purposes. Some Tarpaulins are made from cotton canvas, nylon and High-density polyethylene (HDPE). more…

Marquee Tents for Functions

Looking for a frame marquee or a durable stretch tent for your high-end function? Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or any other occasion, we manufacture elegant and modern tents.

We pride ourselves on doing everything with integrity. Our marquee and tent manufacture services are reliable, professional, yet friendly – and well trusted by industry professionals. No matter what size or type of function you’re planning, our high-quality tents, as well as our excellent customer service and competitive prices, will really lift your event to the next level.


Uses for Tarpaulins

  • Transportation – Tarpaulins protect loads from adverse weather conditions
  • Agriculture – Used for covering grain and other perishable goods
  • Construction – Used for covering building materials, open roofs etc
  • Sports – Used for covering cricket pitches to protect them from the elements
  • Mining – Used for covering chemicals.  PVC is resistant to a wide array of chemicals including some acids

Tautliner / Side Curtains for trucks

We can make custom make any size curtain to fit any truck. Please see specifications below:


  • Extra Heavy Duty 800gsm PVC
  • Steel / Plastic Runners at top
  • Over centre buckles
  • Weather strip / pelmet at top
  • We can install the curtains at an additional cost

PVC Flat Tarpaulins


When it comes to tarpaulins everyone’s loading specifications differ. We are able to custom make tarpaulins to fit your load specifications which means the tarpaulins never end up too big or too small. We are also able to print your company name in bold 30cm block letter printing which means extra advertising for your company while your driver is out on the road.

We supply the following grades:

  • Medium Duty 550gsm PVC Tarpaulin – Ideal for smaller and lighter loads such as furniture and boxes.
  • Heavy Duty 700gsm PVC Tarpaulin – Our most commonly used tarpaulin, ideal for most loads. Strong and durable.
  • Extra Heavy Duty 800gsm PVC Tarpaulin – The strongest grade we stock. Ideal for tautliner curtains or tarpaulins which are subjected to major wear and tear.
  • All our tarpaulins come hemmed with steel eyelets spaced 1m apart and 1m 7mm rope per eyelet


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