About Protarp (Pty) Ltd

Protarp (Pty) Ltd provides professional tarpaulin services, as well as marquee tents along with other various pvc products to suit any function or requirement.

The majority of our staff has been involved in the conversion of PVC and related products for most of their working lives. The net result is that we have developed the skills, experience and knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors.

We are one of the leading fabricators of PVC products in South Africa. Our strength is in our diversity and range of products and services we are able to offer.


Marquees & Tents

Stretch / Bedouin tents are all made to size to fit your requirements.


Fabric Membrane

We provide specialised manufactured fabric membrane structures.



Light yet stable, with superior welding advantages.


General Manager
(Sales, Quality Control, Production):

David Marcussen

Factory Manager
(Production, Maintenance, Dispatch):

Michael Kearney

Specialty Manager
(Production of Fabric Membrane Structures):

Erik Marcussen

Financial & HR Manager:

Ingrid Marais

Sales Manager:

Samantha Pereira

Key Contacts

General Manager:

David Marcussen

Production Manager

Michael Kearney

Internal Sales and Marketing:

Samantha Pereira

Internal Sales:

Vicky Marcussen
Samantha Pereira

Production of Fabric Membrane Structures:

Erik Marcussen

Creditors Clerk:

Ingrid Marais

Debtors Clerk:

Christa Naude


Contact Us

TELEPHONE: 011 452-2128
FAX: 011 609-8135
E-MAIL: enquiries@protarp.co.za
GPS: S 26°07.310 E 28°10.422
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